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What Staples Should I Use For Upholstery?

Choosing the right staples for upholstery is crucial for achieving a professional finish. Astor South Africa, a leader in pneumatic staple guns, offers insights into selecting the best staples for your projects.
Staple Size Matters: For most upholstery tasks, 20-22 gauge staples with lengths ranging from 1/4″ to 5/8″ are ideal. The fabric type and thickness of your project will dictate the exact size.
Material Quality: High-quality, galvanized staples resist rust and ensure longevity, keeping your upholstered furniture looking great for years. Compatibility: Ensure your staples are compatible with your pneumatic staple gun. Astor South Africa’s range of pneumatic staple guns supports various staple sizes, ensuring versatility across projects.
Why Choose Astor South Africa?
Expertise: Leverage our expertise in pneumatic tools for precise and efficient upholstery work.
Quality: Our staple guns and staples are designed for durability, ensuring your projects last.
Support: Astor South Africa provides unmatched customer support, guiding you to the perfect tool and staple selection for your upholstery needs.
For your upholstery projects, choosing the right staples is as important as selecting the right fabric.
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