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Let Astor Berning’s sophisticated, tailored and automated fashion machinery streamline your operation.

We provide South Africa with top-of-the-line button covering and cutting machines. Astor Berning branded button making supplies and manufacturing machines are of the highest quality, giving you access to the most durable and efficient button making tools to date. We also have a huge range of equipment and components for the manufacturing of belts, allowing you to craft heat sealed or stitched variants in moments.

Our machines

We have the machines A5, A51, A 52, A 53, A 5415, A 100, A 103 and A 85-1 in our standard program. The A5 machine is used for buttons, snaps, eyelets and for punching. It is a manual machine with an output of around 200 pieces per hour.

  • A 51 is used in the same area, is also manual but has a line of around 230 pieces per hour
  • A 52 is a manual buckle machine that produces approx. 250 pieces per hour.
  • A 53 is a machine for covering and finishing buttons with an hourly output of around 500 pieces.
  • A 5415 is also intended for covering and finishing buttons. It is operated pneumatically and ejects around 1,000 pieces per hour.
  • A 100 is a manual punching machine for punching out scraps of fabric for button and buckle production. The same applies to the A 103 model.
  • A 85-1 is also manual and is used to manufacture and process eyelets.

Please download our catalogue to see the specifications of all our fashion accessories, machines and other related products


Universal machine


Manual production with medium capacity


Buckle covering machine


Manual production with high capacity


Semi-automatic eyeletting machine


Cutting machine


Pneumatic button covering machine

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