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Astor Berning SA - South Africa's premier Upholstery Suppliers in Cape Town.
High-quality upholstery supplies, tools and other consumables.

South Africa has a healthy collection of furniture manufacturers that are committed to designing and constructing high-quality, durable and elegant furniture for use by South African clientele. However, without the best furniture upholstery supplies in the trade, the South African business may suffer from manufacturing low-quality produce. Make sure that your business uses the finest furniture upholstery suppliers in Cape Town. Contact Astor Berning South Africa today!

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Oke Profile Systems

OKE is the globe’s premier-manufacturer of all plastic upholstery profiles for the furniture industry. They also create some of the most durable and highest quality material-based profiles and strips, as well as piping, flat-profiling and injection-moulds for use in an array of applications. Astor Berning SA is one of OKE’s most trusted suppliers and resellers of upholstery profile systems in the country. Contact us if you require any OKE products.

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